Thursday, September 15, 2011

Believe In Yourself

Everybody has a moral compass, whether they are aware of it or not. Each and every person has something they live by. They take their moral compass into consideration every time there is a decision to make. My moral compass is made up of family/friends, happiness, excitement, and faith. My family and friends are the most important thing to me. They are always there, no matter what situation turns up. Just as important is excitement. Everyday can’t just be the same boring day. I have to be able to find excitement. Throughout life I hope to always experience new things and keep every day exciting.
Everything on my compass helps me to find happiness. With every decision, I need to choose what will make me happy. I need to do what is the right thing for me. Every unhappy day is a day wasted. What brings happiness to me is faith, or having something to believe in. It doesn’t have to be religion; it can be anything that guides you. I’m not necessarily the most religious person, but it helps to have something that I can turn to. I do believe there is a God, but I think there is something that must come first before believing in God. It is most important for me to be happy with myself, and feel good about my life. I have to think positive and be at peace with myself. When that has been accomplished, then I can turn to respecting God. I just have to respect myself first. It may sound selfish, but self-confidence and happiness have to happen first for me before I can be guided by anything else.
            I believe in a crisis, my moral compass could help guide me. I know I have family and friends to support me, and I know I have faith, happiness, and excitement in my life. I believe that while family can be very supportive, having faith and happiness are even more important. As long as I have self-confidence and something to believe in and work toward, no crisis is too big of a match


  1. Jesse, you have great morals. However, you need to develop some of your ideas more and give deep reasoning as to why you chose these morals.

  2. I like how everything in your compass all comes into one of the traits; happiness. You wrote a well written part about your view on religious faith and it shows how you put your own faith in your own way. Is there any time that your moral compass could not help guide you?